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Ankle Arthritis Testimonials

After suffering with a badly treated broken ankle my husband found Mr Gordon after extensive research on the internet and I’m very glad he did.

Right from my first appointment Mr Gordon took the time to thoroughly examine my ankle and explain my options. After a steroid injection, which didn’t work too well for me, we decided that an open ankle fusion was the way to go. I was very apprehensive about surgery but he quickly put my mind at rest at each appointment.

I also have to say a huge thanks to his anaesthetist, Dr. Adrian Pradere. He calmed my nerves the minute he entered my room before surgery. He also gave me a nerve block, under anaesthetic, which lasted about 36hrs! Before he administered the anaesthetic he told me that I would feel fabulous after the op and I have to say he pretty much lived up to his promise.

Mr Gordon visited me in my room that evening and again the next morning after which I went home with a list of instructions. Two weeks later he replaced the heavy plaster with a lighter one which stayed on for 6 weeks after which it was removed and X-Rays showed that all was well.

I had regular Physio which has resulted, 5 months post op, in my having much more movement in my ankle than I ever thought I would have and, best of all, I am pain free for the first time in over 20yrs.

I really can’t thank Mr Gordon enough for all his help and patience and I would happily recommend him to anyone.I also would like to thanks his lovely secretary, Helen, for always being at the end of the phone with her friendly and helpful manner.

Mrs M M Luton, Bedfordshire Ankle fusion for arthritis April 2014

I wish to thank you for your skill and expertise as a surgeon, you are an incredibly gifted man. When I came to you i had lost all hope of having anywhere near a normal life again, in fact my expectation was that I would probably be in a wheelchair in the not so distant future. I am now walking my dogs again and am able to work in my garden. Previously I could not even wear shoes because of the extent of the deformity in my ankle.

The care and professionalism of yourself and staff was outstanding. You have given me back my life and I will always be eternally grateful, Thank You

Mr A W, Watford, Herts December 2013

My GP referred me to Mr Gordon in March 2013, I soon received an appointment and he confirmed after an Xray the osteo arthritis in my ankle.He discussed my options very thoroughly and at that first consultation gave me a steroid injection. After a short while Mr Gordon reviewed the relief I had received from the injection. As the benefit had really been for only a few weeks he felt that the best way forward was to operate. In November Mr Gordon carried out ankle arthroscopy, debridement and cheilectomy. For the first time in many years I can walk without a feeling of “broken glass”, it is wonderful! I still get a little swelling especially after a busy day plus heeled shoes- vanity!!

Mr Gordon did say that the joint is very worn and was pleased that I was progressing well and continuing the comprehensive physiotherapy he recommended. I saw him approximately 6 weeks after the surgery and was discharged, with a proviso to contact again should I have any problems.The next week I flew alone to Australia to see family and was delighted I could keep up with my extremely energetic young Grandsons, fantastic & thank you. I still find stairs a trial especially carrying Grandchildren, but luckily we have recently moved to a bungalow and the children growing so fast they will soon manage the stairs themselves! Hope I don’t have to bother Mr Gordon again too soon. Happy New Year and continued welcome pain relief. Mrs M H-O, Dunstable, Bedfordshire Ankle arthritis December 2013

I consulted Mr Gordon because I had an extremely painful right ankle, due to osteoarthritis which was causing my foot to collapse inwards. Mr Gordon was very thorough, kind and took time to explain the problem with my ankle. After explaining exactly what an open ankle fusion was he then described everything that this would entail. Because of his professional and caring attitude he put me at my ease and I had no hesitation in having the operation. After two days in hospital when Mr Gordon visited me twice, once at 9pm, I returned home with a cast on my leg from below the knee. Two weeks later the cast was changed for a lighter one and the stitches were removed. For the next 10 weeks I gradually became more mobile on my crutches. The cast was finally removed and with the help of my crutches I slowly regained the movement in my ankle which is now free of pain!!! Improvement in my ankle has continued and 6 months from my operation I am able to walk without the discomfort that I had suffered with for too long and my ankle has been improved above and beyond anything I had hoped. I count myself extremely lucky to have Mr Gordon treat me. Thank you so very much Mr Gordon. Mrs C H, Watford, Hertfordshire Ankle fusion for arthritis December 2013

I had a subtalar fusion carried out by Mr. Gordon at The Luton & Dunstable Hospital in November 2013.I had been experiencing pain, swelling and discomfort for a number of years and had finally decided that something had to be done.

When I was first told that I needed my ankle fusing I was very shocked having expected a far less drastic procedure. However Mr Gordon explained the operation and the expected results very clearly.

I was admitted early on a Friday morning, and during the admission and preparation processes I met many members of Mr Gordon’s team, all of whom were very helpful and made sure I understood each stage. I also saw Mr. Gordon again and he gave me more details of the operation. I came round from the anaesthetic later that day, I had expected to be in pain but I was pleased to find myself pain free. I was discharged the next day, after proving my ability to get around on crutches.

I was in an open fronted theatre cast at this time to allow the swelling to subside, and still not experiencing any pain. The only slight discomfort was from a scratchy theatre dressing inside the cast, a very minor problem in the scheme of things.

After two weeks the theatre cast was removed and my stitches were taken out. I then had a normal cast fitted. I was still not allowed to put any weight on my ankle, which was only really a problem when trying to shower.

Six weeks later I was back at the hospital to have the plaster removed and a plastic and Velcro ‘boot’ cast fitted instead. I was now able to walk again, although I did need to continue with the crutches for a while to regain my balance. I continued to use the boot for a further 8 weeks, fortunately this could be removed for showering, relaxing and sleeping.

At three months from the date of the operation I returned to the hospital to see a member of Mr. Gordon’s team. I had x-rays taken of my ankle, and the registrar having checked these and my ankle, told me I could finally remove the ‘boot’.

From that point I was able to take up my previous activities, slowly at first – but quite rapidly returning to what I had been capable of before the operation, but crucially without any pain or discomfort. I did, on occasion find that I experienced some swelling of my foot, either after a long time on my feet or after strenuous activity. However cooling and elevation soon reduced this.

I saw Mr. Gordon again six months after the operation. He explained that the swelling was something that quite often happened after lower limb surgery, and that it could continue for up to a year. I am pleased to say that my foot stopped swelling after approximately nine months. The scar has healed very well, it is very flat and neat, and gives no problems.

I have now been able to return to hill walking, and have recently completed a hike along the whole of Hadrian’s Wall. (80 miles). I would say to anyone who has been suggested that this operation is right for them, but has concerns about what it entails, go for it! It has made a huge difference to my quality of life, and to be pain free and active again is fantastic.

Thanks once again to Mr. Gordon and his team.

Mr P H, Bedfordshire, Ankle fusion November 2013

We would like to thank Mr Gordon for the way he treated my wife. He always had time for her and listened to what we had to say. He always examined her feet as well as looking at the Xrays and was always polite, pleasant and helpful. He showed concern and even jokingly told my wife off because she didn’t go to the hospital with a hand condition. Mr Gordon took time to examine this at the same time which we really appreciated. Once again we cannot thank him enough for his time and patience especially when dealing with my wife’s needle phobia where he put her mind at ease. Again many thanks. Mrs P C, Bedfordshire Foot Pain August 2013  

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