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After Foot or Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation

What should I expect after my operation?
Once in the recovery area of theatres you will awake from the sedation or general anaesthetic or, you may have been awake throughout the procedure. Your foot and ankle will be elevated and have a bandage or plaster around. An anaesthetic block will have been given around your ankle or toe, ensuring you are in minimal discomfort. Once fully awake, you will return to the ward.

When can I go home?
Most surgery is performed as a day case procedure and you will be able to go home between 2-4 hours after you have returned to your ward. This may be later depending on what has been done. You must have eaten, drunk, passed water, have manageable pain and be safe to mobilise. A physiotherapist or nurse will assess if you are fit for discharge. Someone will be needed to take you home.

What should I do when at home?

Much will depend on the procedure you have had. Mr Gordon will give you full written instructions detailing :

Duration of elevation

Pain relief

Managing your bandage or plaster

When to bath or shower

How much weight you can place through your leg

Which exercises you should be doing

When you next clinic appointment will be